The Loyalty Program at Ozwin Casino: A Journey of Rewards

Ozwin Casino recognizes the importance of keeping their players happy and engaged, which is why they offer a loyalty program like no other. This program, called “The Journey,” rewards players for their continued play and loyalty to the casino. The Journey offers players a unique and exciting way to earn rewards and bonuses, all while playing their favorite games.

How it Works

The Journey is a multi-tiered loyalty program that allows players to move up the levels by earning points. Points are earned by playing games and making bets, with different games and bets awarding different amounts of points. As players move up the levels, they unlock new bonuses and rewards, including free spins, cash bonuses, and special promotions.

Ozwin Casino Loyalty Levels: Rewards and Perks

Ozwin Casino's loyalty program is designed to reward players as they progress through different levels, each offering its own set of benefits:

  • Tourist (Level 0.5): The starting point for all players, offering 24/7 support, 25% cashback, and daily bonuses.
  • Pathfinder (Level 1): Upgrades to 30% cashback and medium daily bonuses, along with continuous 24/7 support.
  • Adventurer (Level 2): Offers 35% cashback, medium-high daily bonuses, and 24/7 priority support.
  • Expert (Level 3): Increases perks to 40% cashback and two high daily bonuses, with 24/7 priority support.
  • Hero (Level 4): Provides 45% cashback, two super daily bonuses, 24/7 premium support, and a caring VIP team.
  • Absolute Legend (Level 5): The pinnacle level with 50% cashback, two monster daily bonuses, 24/7 premium support, and a personal VIP host.

Each level enhances the gaming experience, offering more substantial rewards and support.

Benefits of The Journey

The Journey offers a wide range of benefits to players, including exclusive promotions and bonuses. Players who reach higher levels also have access to VIP support and special events. Additionally, The Journey provides players with the opportunity to earn rewards for their play, regardless of whether they are on a winning or losing streak.


Ozwin Casino‘s loyalty program, The Journey, is a unique and exciting way for players to earn rewards and bonuses. With multiple levels and a wide range of benefits, The Journey offers something for everyone. So why not join the journey and start earning rewards today!